March 3, 2009

Hamster Dance

Originally uploaded by Sly420
Ice still covers the roads here and there, and although various people have gotten out to run, I wanted to do my speedwork without wobbling around. So it was back to the gym.

Last night the thought of 1:05 on a treadmill filled me with dread, to the point that I dusted off my iPod and charged it up. I hadn't listened to my workout mix in ages, so it's still got tons of Andrew W.K. and Flaming Lips. Also a bunch of stuff from my adolescence like The Jam, Public Image, and Iron Maiden.

I don't listen to music when I run, with the idea that I want to listen to my body, or the park, or being in the present, or whatever. I do sincerely love the hushed clop of running shoes on asphalt.

But this morning reminded me that really loud, messed-up music not only makes you deaf and stupid, but cranks up the euphoria. I was listening to Absolute Beginners when I noticed that my neighbor was watching the video for Hungry Like the Wolf on her monitor. Suddenly I got teenager endorphins, started running hard and light. It brought back that gangly, wired feeling I had most of the time when I was16. I became even happier to think that I can keep the memory of that teenage wasteland forever, and that I never, never have to go back.

8 miles @ 8 min/mile + 6 x 35 sec. @ 6 min/mile