October 2, 2009

Right, Wrong, or Ready

For me this fall, all roads lead to Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, where the NYC Marathon starts in 29 days. But as a newbie I don't have any past marathons to help me set a pace. I have to go by shorter races and a bunch of faith.

So I'm running Grete's Great Gallop tomorrow, probably in the rain, to see whether my fitness has indeed improved over the last year of training. And if I can put in a good time I can trust my training and relax into my pace on marathon day.

Today I feel worried that the race won't show progress, that all my training won't show up. But just as I'll have to trust my training 29 days, I will trust it tomorrow.


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  2. Hey there. Last year, I found half-marathons to be an excellent indicator of fitness and a great way to predict my marathon time. The Staten Island Half was the one I used to predict my NYC time, and it worked like a charm (I was PRing like crazy last year. This year, notsomuch). Can't wait to read your race report on today's half-mary. High five.

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