January 31, 2012

And to think I saw it in the park. . .

Sightings in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning.
  • Three cops in double-breasted uniforms from the 1930's, Meadowport Arch. Smoking and staring into the distance.
  • One headless chicken (deceased). Trailhead east of Stranahan monument. Dull brown plumage, feet the color of a Meyer lemon.
  • Lone astronaut in space suit, on Lullwater Bridge. Seated on rail, helmet closed. Seemed wistful.
  • Bacchus (probably), off Center Drive west of Nethermead Arches. Green velour toga, circlet of leaves. Posing on makeshift plinth.
  • Mounted police officer, modern uniform. Walking slowly west on trail above Wellhouse Drive. Blood bay gelding.
  • Impressionist. Same location. Painting a limpid view of Prospect Park Lake.
  • Multiple obese squirrels. Ubiquitous. Complacent, as if unconcerned by global warming.
  • Eight beauty queens, with sashes and tiaras. Walking en groupe on Lullwater path. They took care to wear black tights against the chilly air.
Theatrum mundi. If I brought my camera into Prospect Park I'd never get any running done.

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