February 24, 2012

If I don't make it, remember me

There were a lot of reasons not to run last night's team workout the way I did. I'd have been smart not to run it at all. But it was a fun workout, at least while I was running it.

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right side yesterday, perhaps not running-related, which I tried unsuccessfully to stretch away. I figured there were two ways to deal with it: take a rest day and gently convince it to go away, or run a hard workout and crush it. 

I had raced last Sunday and would be racing again on Saturday. So there was ample reason to take a day off. But a rest day seemed like negotiating with terrorists. I opted for shock and awe. What the hell was I thinking (or simply, WTF)?

I arrived at the workout so distracted by my rib I could hardly greet my friends. I didn't know what pace to run, or even whether to run at all. But I made the most of uncertainty and gambled on the healing effects of further damage. (WTF?)

As we headed out I felt a dagger thrust every other step. But it gradually lessened, and my legs took over from my confused mind. I picked it up. Wasn't thinking at all. The stabbing ebbed a little, and the fog lifted. I was so happy I forgot to check my watch. I picked it up on the hill, heedless of pace. (WTF?)

After a while I noticed I was all alone. I usually prefer the group, but tonight I was happy just to have this brief moment of painlessness to myself. As the end came into view I could hear a group catching up behind me. I foolishly put on a kick for the last .1, despite my upcoming race (WTF?).

I had run the 10K tempo workout in exactly my current 10K race pr. WTF??

My side was still good, and my endorphin levels elevated. I stubbornly decided to run another park loop to fill out my planned 12 miles. At least it delayed the inevitable, as the screaming rib re-joined afterward on the subway. But Melissa had sushi and Advil waiting for me at home.

So anyway if I can keep from trying to kill myself in training I'll have a good season ahead.


  1. Ouch! Stitches are the worst. Try some pilates breathing perhaps? But your hands/fingers on your ribs, laying down. Breathing in through the nose, out the mouth full deep breathes, concentrating on expanding your rib cage out rather than your stomach or chest. When breathing in, pull your stomach in tight and think about pulling your belly button to your spine. I'd try that for maybe 3-5 mins morning and evening. Hope it works and that you have a great race this weekend!

  2. I hope it's a stitch and not something sinister. I'll try it, thanks STB!

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